Hello Mzansi

by Bernard Greyling on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Mzansisat has a simple goal – to share the power of global connectivity with the African continent. Internet penetration remains well below the global average in Africa, at around 20%, with only around 200 million users out of a population of over a billion people.

Connectivity is an essential component of Africa’s development, with internet access vital to a wide range of industries, from finance to education, mining, agriculture etc. Apart from its indispensable role in industry, reliable internet can be used by governments to provide better services to citizens, and it can improve the quality of people’s lives.

At present Africa’s existing telecommunications infrastructure is for the most part unreliable, slow and geographically limited. Satellite internet can overcome these challenges, as it has low upfront and running costs and extremely high reliability, giving independence from existing infrastructure.

Mzansisat envisages a continent where every person, regardless of where they are, has equal access to high speed internet, unhindered by telephone line locations or wireless hotspots, or any other ground-based facilities.

Our mission is to launch an African owned geo-stationary broadband satellite to provide cost-effective, high-speed, reliable internet for the continent. This is seeing us embark on an exciting journey that has already begun, through informing and educating people on the needs for and benefits of satellite-based internet.